DIY 2017: Texture, colour & gold. Dressing up the fruit bowl

By 23. januar 2019Design


The DIY kit: black iron ulrich & christensen four leaf bowl

The goldleaf four leaf bowl

An awsome colleague reciprocated an offering of a little help with a gift of my own choice.

Immediately afterward I went to work to spice up the austere architectural design object.



Tools and materials

Ready, Set, Go…

A small bucket of Hammerite Smooth Red, gold size, 23 carat gold leaf and a matt finish.










Floating ulrich & christensen upside down



FourLeaf shell, finish of read paint


Applying red, three times inside & outside

Floating the shell on a glass jar for the outside coat of paint.


Goldleaf applied, 5th layer


Six layers of 23 carat goldleaf

Applying one layer of goldleaf on top of the next.

Applying a new layer several hours before the gold size had dried substantially for all vapours to have gone.

Resulting in organic crevasses, cracks and bubbles.

Ready for serving crisp new poetry og simply visual enjoyment.



DIY bowl full of poetry with or without aditional fuzz


Goldleaf & Smooth Red Hammerite Paint