Film: Blue Lady on Ski Lift in Santa Maria

By 7. november 2019Design, Storytelling

‘Stranger than Jim’, 2002 Santa Maria, Italy. Music ©1999 Pierre Dørge


‘Stranger than Jim’

Storytelling project developed with graphics motion wizard Morten Kvist for my students at the IT-University.

The purpose was to exemplify how sound/music/motion can enhance photos in a suggestive maner, promising an actual narrative.

The photos date back to the early spring of 2002. I stayed at a friends cottage, renovated by Renzo Piano, that among other crazy stuff contained room full of a collection of hobby horses!

Found this awesome little ski lift toy in what used to be the barn and got it to work.

The Blue Lady, Miss Goldiluck, was standing reproachfully in an outside window sill, awaiting action.

12 years later, in 2014, we realized that for her. Enjoy and watch full screen.